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Advocate for a more walk-able, bike-able and more livable state all year long!

 Talk to people about how important it is to make the state of Mississippi better for bicyclists and pedestrians.   Some examples of people to talk to are: your elected officials, your employer, your friends and your family.   We need to build a community of support and speak out for appropriate bike and pedestrian friendly changes that will lead to a better quality of life in our state.  

What you can do?  

Step 1:  Sign the petition above to ask our elected officials to support more Complete and Safer Streets.

Step 2: Show your support for the cause today by joining or renewing your membership with Bike Walk Mississippi; the best investment you can make to make Mississippi a better and safer place to walk, run or bike!


  • Help us communicate to your Congressman to tell them that you support biking and walking infrastructure, programs and funding in your communities!  There is always a very real threat to biking, running and walking infrastructure as well as safety and education programs on the National level.  Help us tell Congress that cities and towns across MS need more biking and walking trails and need increased programs, policies and infrastructure that supports a more livable state!    


  • Contact Mississippi’s Governor and tell him you support bicycle and pedestrian programs and infrastructure in the state of Mississippi.  We need the state of Mississippi to set a precedent that if we truly care about the health and safety of our citizens, we will invest in biking and pedestrian needs! Tell him Bike Walk Mississippi sent you!  


  • Contact your local Transportation Commissioner:  Tell them you support bicycle and pedestrians as part of the overall transportation system in Mississippi.  Remember, we are one of the only states that ELECTS our Transportation Commissioners, so it is important that we let our voices be heard and we want them to know that we want to make sure that funding opportunities are available for alternative transportation and safety measures to include ALL users of the roads.  Remember often the cuts to bike and pedestrian funding is left up to MDOT Officials so we must let them know why it is important to us!  
  • Northern District Commissioner Mike Tagert:
  • Central District Commissioner Dick Hall:
  • Southern District Commissioner Tom King:


Remember that it is these elected official’s job to represent your needs and interests.  They need to know from you what matters in their district.   Here are some talking points along with statistics to help make your case:

On the Federal level: 

  • Not in the National Interest? Biking and walking make up 12 percent of all trips in the US – even as funding for biking and walking projects only account for 1.5% of the federal transportation budget. – that’s more than 4 billion bicycle trips and 40 billion walking trips a year- including trips to work, school, shopping and for recreation and tourism.
On the Federal and STATE level: 

Frivolous? Bicyclists and pedestrians are the victims of reckless highway design, accounting for 14% of all traffic related deaths. Two-thirds of all pedestrian deaths are on federally funded highways.   Bicycling and walking programs build sidewalks, crosswalks and bikeways, improving accessibility and saving lives.

On the Federal, State and LOCAL level:  

Return on Investment: 

  • The Facts: Biking and walking are important forms of transportation, and dedicated funding for bicycle and pedestrian improvements is a very efficient use of federal transportation dollars.  Portland, Oregon built a 300-mile network of bike lanes, multi-use trails, and bike boulevards for the cost of one mile of highway.   These projects also create jobs, and build local economies.  HERE is a Mississippi specific example of how bike/pedestrian infrastructure can build local economies.
Providing Jobs: 
  • Building bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure creates 46% more jobs than building road-only projects per million dollars spent.  Cities that invest in bicycle and pedestrian projects turn downtowns into destinations, and capitalize on increased business activity.

Fiscal Responsibility: 

  • Finally, shifting 1.5% of transportation spending has no impact on the federal budget, but instead, decreases transportation options for American families in a time of rising gas prices and an uncertain economy.
Other things  to talk to your local officials about:  
  • The importance of creating a bicycle and pedestrian plan for your city or region.
  • Installing bike route signs, 3 feet/It’s the law signs or even bike racks in their district.
  • Passing Complete Streets policies and supporting Complete Streets legislation.
  • Installation of on-street markings such as: bike lanes and sharrows.
  • Repairing potholes and improving infrastructure
  • Install speed bumps, crosswalks, sidewalks and pedestrian signals

Bike Walk Mississippi would LOVE to help you make these happen in your area.  But, remember that it is much more effective for these leaders to hear from someone within their own jurisdiction.  Let us know what we can do to partner with you on projects in your area!   Contact us at: bikewalk[at]bikewalkmississippi[dot]org