3 Feet: It’s the Law

What the Law says: 
The John Paul Frerer Bicycle Safety Act

Keep in mind, this is an ABBREVIATED version* of JPF Bicycle Safety Act: Effective July 2010.    For your reference, you can find the law in it’s entirety HERE.  

NOTE:  According to the law: Anyone riding a bicycle on a roadway has the same rights as a driver operating a vehicle!

Bicyclists: Rights and Responsibilities

  • Ride Right (and WITH Traffic)
  • Bicyclists must ride as close as practical to the right hand curb/edge of roadway except when:
    • Unsafe to do so
    • When passing another bicycle or vehicle
    • When preparing for a left turn
    • When proceeding straight where right turns are permitted and
    • When necessary to avoid hazardous conditions
  • No more than 2 abreast:
    • Bicyclists may not ride more than two abreast except when on roads exclusively for bicycles.
  • Indicate Turns:
    • Bicyclists shall indicate right turns, left turns and stops with hand signals before taking action.
    • Right turn: left arm upward, left arm to square or right arm horizontal to right.
    • Left turn: Left arm extended horizontally
    • Stop: left arm or right arm downward.

Motorists: Rights and Responsibilities


  • When passing a bicyclist, motorists shall leave not less than three (3) feet between vehicle and bicycle AND shall maintain three (3) feet minim clearance until safely past the bicycle.
  • Motorists may pass a bicycle in a non-passing zone ONLY when it is safe to do so.
  • Motorists passing a bicycle may NOT make a right turn unless turn can be made with reasonable safety.


  • It is unlawful to harass, taunt or maliciously throw an object at or in the direction of anyone riding a bicycle. This is a fineable offense of up to $2,500 and 7 days jail time.
Download the POCKET GUIDE of the John Paul Frerer Bicycle Safety Act:  HERE
*We recommend keeping this in your bike gear/pocket for access to the law/proper codes if questioned on your rights*
Find out how Bike Walk Mississippi is working to educate Mississippi citizens about this law: HERE