Senator Cochran’s amendment included in the Senate Transportation Bill!

Let’s celebrate a Victory!  We have Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran and ALL OF YOU to thank!! 

We are happy to announce that the Cardin-Cochran amendment was incorporated into the Senate’s transportation bill!   This amendment will allow our local governments, school systems, and metropolitan planning organizations to have a voice in how states allocate funds for making bicycling and walking in Mississippi! We are even more pleased to announce that after the Senate had said they would not accept any amendments to the bill on the floor, allowed this into the short list (out of 200+) that were included!  This goes to show you how strong our voices for more livable cities, health and local decision making can be!  Thank you so much to everyone who sent a letter to either of our Mississippi Senators!  Want to know more?  Click HERE to find  much more detail of what this amendment will mean if the Senate Transportation Bill passes.

Now, let’s keep our voices strong and send our Thanks!  There are many people to thank for this amendment, but Senator Thad Cochran is at the top of the list!  Please send a quick thank you email to: to thank him for the “Cardin-Cochran Amendment to MAP-21” He is truly a champion on biking, walking, running, health and LOCAL government! Let’s definitely take some time to celebrate but it’s not over yet.

So, what’s Next?:

We still have work to do to get an acceptable Transportation Bill passed in both the Senate and the HOUSE!  (Expect a big fight here).  We will be asking for your help in the next few weeks to: 1. Ensure passage of the Senate bill and 2. To restore bicycle and pedestrian funding in the House!  We will keep our voices strong until Congress hears the urgency for Mississippi to support bicycle and pedestrian programs and infrastructure for our children, for our economy, for our safety and for our health!

Bike Walk Mississippi will representing the needs of bicyclists, runners and pedestrian in D.C. at the National Bike Summit held from March 20-22nd.  We will be presenting each Representative and Senator with support letters from communities around the state, economic studies and individual letters from people like you!   If you represent any biking, walking, running, health, city government, planning/design, business, or if you just care about biking and walking, email us at: and we will send you a template letter for you to sign —- we’ll even hand it straight to your Congressman for  you!  We’ve got 3 weeks, ready, set, GO! 


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