How do you get one?


1. Go to your local tag office and ask for a license plate tag from “Bicycle Advocacy Group of Mississippi” (Bike Walk’s “legal” name).


2. Contact us and tell us your tag number and you’ll receive a free membership to Bike Walk Mississippi!


3. Pat yourself on the back!! You just made a difference for cyclists across the state.


Be a vehicle of change.

Purchasing a Share the Road license plate is a quick and easy way to increase safety for bicyclists across the state of Mississippi. The cost is only $31 above your normal car tag fee, making it one of the most affordable tags offered by any nonprofit group in the state.

$24 from every "Share the Road" license plate 

sold supports bicycle advocacy in Mississippi.

Help support bicycle safety today.

Bike Walk Mississippi  

PO Box 515, Jackson, MS 39205

Bike Walk Mississippi is 501c3 nonprofit organization,

making your donations eligible for a tax-deduction.