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Why do you support Bike Walk Mississippi? 

Jen Dearman

Pascagoula, MS


“I support Bike Walk Mississippi because of the work they perform to increase biking and walking which results in lowering pollutants and obesity while building and strengthening the ties of a community.  This work also has a undervalued component of building local economies, workforces, and tax bases.  It’s the best of all aspects in community and economic development!” 

Emily Wright

Jackson, MS


"My family supports Bike Walk Mississippi with a financial contribution because we believe the work they do has a direct impact on our quality of life and ability to actively enjoy our community. Bike Walk Mississippi serves as an important advocate for improvements in city infrastructure and fosters healthy dialogue surrounding the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists in Mississippi." 

Liria Frerer 

Tupelo, MS


"I support the work of Bike Walk Mississippi because I believe their efforts to make Mississippi roads safer for all cyclists and pedestrians is of utmost importance. Having lost my own 18 year old son in a cycling accident, my desire is that no one else, whether driving, walking, or cycling, experience that loss for themselves." 


Paul Wolf

Jackson, MS


I support Bike Walk because they support bringing about healthy communities. Not only in our physical health, but a social well being that creates a community that people wish to be a part of. By advocating for biking and walking, Bike Walk encourages the business and creative mix to grow and prosper. It's all interconnected and I'm thrilled to know that Bike Walk is doing their part to build a better Jackson and a better Mississippi. 


Jamie Weems

Jackson, MS


Some of my favorite cities have great infrastructure that allows opportunity for walking and biking safely. I would like to see Mississippi cities develop similar opportunities to build community, improve quality of life, and encourage a healthier lifestyle. We need a strong advocacy to influence policy related to that infrastructure, and I believe Bike Walk Mississippi can make that happen. 

Valley Hildebrand

Madison, MS


"My husband and I support Bike Walk Mississippi because of the work they do to help provide safe places for our precious children to enjoy riding their bikes. And as runners, we are so grateful to Bike Walk Mississippi because of all they do to improve road safety awareness for us and all runners in Mississippi." 

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