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Spokesman Course Overview

Course Requirements: 



  • Each participant will be required to complete at least 4 Spokesman courses and submit a 1 page final paper to receive Certification of Completion. 

  • Commitment to promote the work of Bike Walk Mississippi, including promotion of the Share the Road license plate.

  • Each participant will submit a one page project plan to implement in their community.

  • Participation in the Spokesman program is free, but we ask that all Spokesmen are members of Bike Walk Mississippi.  ($35/year)

    • (Join through "Donate" button) 


Course Description: 


  • All trainings are conducted online through webinars, Google Hangout or conference call. 





Submit a one page summary of your proposed community project.    


Using what you have learned in this course, include the following: 


  • Project Overview

  • Project Action Steps & Timeline

  • Project Goals

  • Potential Partners/Allies

  • Potential Barriers

  • End Result 


Supporting Documents can include:  Data Sheets, Your “Ask”, Letter to the Editor and other materials you have created throughout this course. 


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Spokesman Course Overview:  
Becoming a Bicycle Friendly Community:  



  • Read Bike Walk’s Top 10 recommendations for a Bicycle Friendly Community here.

  • Review the League's "Building Blocks of a Bicycle Friendly Community here.

  • Review the League of American Bicyclist’s BFC Application here. 




  • Go through the Bicycle Friendly Community Application. Fill out everything you can. Discuss on Conference Call. 

  • Circle Questions in the application and create a short term action plan of “low-hanging fruit” to accomplish BFC. 

  •  LINK TO WEBINAR: "Bicycle Friendly Community" 

How to become an Advocate / Advocacy & Organizing 101: 
Part 1 of 2: "Making the Case"  



Making the Case for Walking & Biking: 





  • Develop an “ASK” to an elected official or foundation for your project based on the methods and data you have researched

  • WEBINAR: Tuesday, April 26th at noon

How to become an Advocate / Advocacy & Organizing 101: 
Part 2 of 2: Advocacy Skills



  • Excerpts: (will be provided): “Advocacy for Social Justice” Workbook; Chapter 5. Strategy Development; Chapter 6. Skill Building

  • Community Tool Box (University of Kansas):  Chapter 3, Section 3, Conducting Public Forums; Chapter 8, Section 1, An Overview of Strategic Planning 

  • Beginner Advocacy Tactics, Alliance for Biking & Walking / Distributed by America Walks

  • Facilitation Fundamentals: Ron Milam

  • Advocacy vs Lobbying



  • Start a rough outline of your proposed project based on the skills you have learned.  Implement the SWAT Analysis and handouts to create rough draft of final project. 

  • Complete the Collaborative Leadership Self-Assessment Questionnaire 

  • WEBINAR: ADVOCACY SKILLS: Tuesday, May 3rd at noon

Bicycle Safety Campaigns & How to hold a bike rodeo: 




  • After familiarizing yourself with the Change Lanes to Pass Campaign, participate in "Wear Yellow Day" in Mississippi. 

  • Practice Social Media Campaigns by share the Campaign online and be ready to discuss ways you can implement the campaign in your community.  

  • Sign up for TS101 / Smart Cycling Class in Biloxi, MS: August 11th, 8am - noon

  • WEBINAR: BICYCLE SAFETY: Tuesday, May 10th at noon

How to conduct a neighborhood Walking Audit



Read and review the following links: 




  • Visit to look up your community.  Look at how Walk Score evaluates scoring. 

  • Go on a Walk using the Walk Audit Workbook provided, rating each road based on the topics in the workbook.

  • Fill out the “Where I walk” Google form for at least two roads or intersections at

  • WEBINAR: WALKING AUDITS: Tuesday, May 31st at noon

Adopting Complete Streets Policies






  • Find out if your community has a Complete Streets Policy.

    • If so, how can your community strengthen its current policy - if not; how can you advocate for your community to adopt a policy? 


How to create Walking Clubs or Walking Groups in your community




  • Participate in Walking Wednesdays; post on social media with #walkingwednesday

  • WEBINAR: WALKING GROUPS: Tuesday, June 14th at noon

How to hold Walk to School Programs




  • Research a school or schools in your area that have held Walk to School Events.  

  • List any obstacles or barriers such as permits, fees or school rules that would hinder a Walk to School Event. 

  • Contact the School Principal at your target school and discuss potential “buy-in” for Walk to School

  • Make a list of potential partners and tasks for holding a Walk to School program

  • WEBINAR: WALK TO SCHOOL IN MISSISSIPPI: Tuesday, June 21st at noon

Creating Bicycle & Pedestrian Committees





  • “Creating Great Communities Through Public Involvement: How to Create and Run Effective Advisory and Advocacy Groups” by the Bicycle & Pedestrian Information Center




  • Create a list of potential members of a Bicycle and/or Pedestrian Committee in your community. 

    • Be sure this group includes city leadership, advocates, users, planners and law enforcement.

  • Conference Call/ Google Hangout: TBA

How to hold a Cyclovia / Open Streets / Play Streets Event





  • Research the process your city or town requires to block off a street temporarily to vehicle traffic. 

  • Report on any fees or permits required to hold a Cyclovia or Play Streets event in your community. 

  • Brainstorm potential groups that would participate in a Cyclovia or Play Streets Event in your community. 


Creating a "Walk Friendly" Community




  • Go through the “Walk Friendly” application & Community Assessment Tool.

    •  Fill out everything you can. Circle Questions. Be prepared to discuss low-hanging fruit and long term changes in your community. 

  • Conference Call / Google Hangout: TBA


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