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The Spokesman Program is a unique training program that is designed to help you become a better advocate! 
 Through training classes, webinars and one-on-one assistance, citizens from all across Mississippi will learn how to organize and implement their innovate ideas for walking and bicycling in communities around the state! 


Each Spokesman is asked to submit a final project to implement in their community and in return, will receive: 


  • One-on-one professional consultation and training to implement innovative programs in their community 

  • Support and technical assistance surrounding the specifics of bicycle or pedestrian advocacy in Mississippi

  • Peer Group Training sessions including informative readings, group discussion, access to educational webinars and best practice documents.

  • Trainings on how to engage elected officials and increase policies, infrastructure and safety in their community 

  • Personal assistance to create a final advocacy project to be implemented in their community 

  • Certificate of Completion of Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Advocacy Training Course 


At the conclusion of these classes, it is our goal that each participant will truly feel equipped to be a Spokesman in their community! 

Meet the Spokesman Class of 2016!

Susan Dobson

Petal, MS



Santee Ezell

Columbus, MS


Kelvin Jones

Gluckstadt, MS


Lyle Montgomery

Gautier, MS


David Harned

Starkville, MS 

Linda Vasquez

Hattiesburg, MS


Emily Wadkins
Iuka, MS
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