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In-person Workshops

We offer a variety of different trainings and in-person workshops and we are happy to work with you to find what works best for you.   


What to expect:

  • Workshops often work well with clubs and small groups (average workshop is between 5 - 25 participants). 

  • Most of our Workshops are 4 hours but can be tailored to meet other time constraints, such a nighttime or lunch meeting. 

  • Cost of workshop varies depending on time and location, however we will work with you and your group to meet your needs. 


Look over the workshops we offer and decide what works best for you.

Becoming a "Bicycle Friendly Community" is a workshop that uses the League of American Bicyclist's Bicycle Friendly Community application to devise an action plan toward Community Certification.  


This workshop will cover the 5 E's (Education, Enforcement, Encouragement, Engineering and Evaluation) and can be tailored to the needs of the group's goals.  This workshop includes created a multi-faceted short term and long term action plan toward becoming a more Bicycle Friendly Community.   This workshop will include guidance for the top ten recommendations for Bicycle Friendly status and guidance for accomplishing each of the recommendations.   We currently have open spots available for Mississippi communities, clubs or other organizations who want to start the process toward becoming more Bicycle Friendly.  Contact us to schedule a workshop or consultation today!

"Advocacy 101" is a workshop that teaches someone how to move from cyclist or runner to bicycle and pedestrian advocate.  


This workshop will cover basic advocacy tactics and teach participants the basics of running a campaign. During this workshop, particpants will learn how to start a bicycle and pedestrian advisory committee and how to devise an action plan to make their community more bikeable and walkable.  This workshop can be tailored to meet your needs regarding safety, design or programming and can be made to fit an audience of bike club members, civic groups, neighborhood associations or other groups. 

"How to Plan a Cyclovia / Open Streets or Play Streets Event is a workshop that can be tailored to teach the basics of planning events that transform public streets into a place where attendees enjoy active living and human powered transportation.  


These events go by different names in different communities but all produce similar results; that is to close a street down to vehicle traffic and open it up for the day to physical activity.  Bike Walk Mississippi has been working for many years to pilot these programs and to create an easily replicable process to produce a Cyclovia, Open Streets or Play Streets in your community!  

"How to Conduct a Walking or Bicycling Audit" is a workshop that can include teaching

you and your group how to conduct a Walking Audit, Bicycling Audit or both.  


Attendees will receive a Walking and/or Bicycling Audit Toolkit to be used during the training session and future audits.  This four hour workshop includes a hands-on audit of a community, neighborhood or area surrounding a school or business district.  Often when working to make a community more "walk-friendly", an Audit must be conducted to identify gaps, barriers and assets.  This workshop also includes a final report of the audited area and a "Train the Trainer" model that equips attendees with the tools they need to advocate for a more walkable community.   

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