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Transforming Your Community: City Leader Toolkit

Below you will find articles, links and how-to guides to help you make your community more bicycle and pedestrian friendly...ON A BUDGET! Bike Walk Mississippi also offer community wide workshops, technical assistance and presentations. Contact us today to sign up. 

Get Started

Bike Walk Mississippi's Top 10 Recommendations for a Bicycle Friendly Community

Building a Bike / Walk Friendly Community on a Budget (Powerpoint Presentation)

Need additional assistance? 

Pass a Complete Streets Policy 



Bicycle Design Best Practices  



Designing Intersections 

Improve Public Comment

Building a Connected Network

  • Oxford: (Resolution) Passed in 2011

  • Senatobia: (Policy) Passed in 2012

  • Greenwood: (Policy) Passed in 2012

  • Byhalia: (Policy) Passed in 2013

  • Jackson: (Policy) Passed in 2015

  • Gulf Coast MPO, Passed in 2015


Promote Mississippi's 3 foot passing law locally

Promote Mississippi's Distracted Driving Law locally

Designate a Law Enforcement Point Person for Bicycle Issues

Launch a Public Safety Campaign focusing on Bike Safety 

Find FREE resources HERE that you can easily put up in your city or town

Partner with Law Enforcement to distribute helmets, bike lights and locks

Partner with Bike Walk to host a law enforcement dialog circle 

Volunteer trail patrols to ensure safety on remote local trails

Create a Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (Best Practices)

Designate a staff member to work on Bicycle and Pedestrian Issues 

Work with Bike Walk Mississippi to create a short term & long term goals

Create a comprehensive Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan

Set targets for ridership, mode-share and safety 

Create mechanisms or policies that ensure bike/ped facilities are equitable for ALL users. 

Learn more about becoming a Certified Bicycle or Walk
Friendly Community 

Bike Friendly Community: 

Review the League of American Bicyclist’s Bicycle Friendly Community Application here. ​ 

Watch Bike Walk Mississippi's Bicycle Friendly Community Webinar

Review the League of American Bicyclist's "Building Blocks of a Bicycle Friendly Community"


Walk Friendly Community: 

Learn about National Walk Friendly Community program here

Review the Walk Friendly Presentation from the 2016 Mississippi Bike Walk Summit. 

Download the Walk Friendly Application here. 


Need more assistance? Contact Bike Walk Mississippi for a one-on-one consultation.
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